From the game Final Fantasy III for the Super Nintendo

After the battle for Narshe, but before the opera house, go to Kohliegn with a party of just Gau. Put him in the back row and run away from every battle. Bring along 3000 g and pay Shadow to get into your party. Make sure both Gau and Shadow are around level 15. If they are below level 10, don't attempt this glitch. Go back to Figaro Castle, transport across the mountains, and go through Figaro Cave. Now, just take the route you used to get to the Veldt. Through Mt. Kotlz, through Returners Hideout, down Lete River (to go through the passage again, go south of the Save Point in Banon's room), through the Phantom Forest and down Barren Falls. When you are on the Veldt, have Gau leap, and then take Shadow down Serpent Trench. Here it is vital that you run away from every battle and that you have Shadow in the back row, or else you'll most likely die. Once you are in Nikeah, take the ship to South Figaro. Now go back through Figaro Cave, and go to Narshe. When you approach the big gate, Shadow will leave your party, and you will be left with a party with no one in it. When you go to the menu and press equip, skills, relic, going to use an item, or status, the game will lock up. Also, exiting the menu will bring you to an unknown part of Narshe. Once this glitch activates, you must reset the game. Going to the Mine entrance will give you a slightly different result.

Submitted by: Thor