From the game Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire for the Nintendo 64.

Activate the Shadows of the Empire debug mode.

When you jump at some walls, they will make you sort of "stuck" to them, you don't fall down and you stay hovering in the air as long as you're pressed against the wall. One example is at the junk heap where you fight that robot-guy. Go to the place where you came from in the train level (the area that looks like it opens up to another place, but it doesn't). Now, using the debug menu, lower your gravity and increase your jumping so you can go higher. It also helps to have the jetpack using "get all items" so you can have more control over your jumping. Climb onto the thing blocking the entrance and jump at the wall above the entrance. Hold the control stick forward so that you are pressed against the wall. If you jumped at it correctly, you will be sitting there, in the air, and not falling. To get off, just hold back on the control stick.

Submitted by: kornyhatemachine