From the game The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for the Super Nintendo

Start a new game and then enter the main corridor of the castle. Now go right, and you should see a long hallway with a levitated platform on the right. Do the Navigate weirdly, find a strange room glitch on the door, and then you'll warp down a room. Repeat the Navigate weirdly, find a strange room glitch, and this time you'll warp below in the exploration mode. Now move up. You should be in that same room that you did the glitches in, but the colors will be messed up. Move to the right, and navigate up the levitating platform. You'll be in the next room. Move up until you see a room with some archer soilders. Move to the right, and warp. The game will look like it is locked up, but you will really be in the dark room. Move up for a while, but not so much that you warp up. Move right, and keep on moving up. If you move up far enough, you'll see a weird room with blue on each side. Move up some more, and you will have beaten the game. (When you do this glitch, you'll be a bunny, with a bunch of weird monsters around you. Thats because you have lightworld monsters in the darkworld, so the chip sets are mixed.)

Submitted by: Deathknight