From the game The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for the Super Nintendo

Start a new game, rescue Zelda, beat the first palace and get the Pegasus boots. When you have them, go to Hyrule Castle and go through it like you did to rescue Zelda, but stop when you first reach the point where there is this big black space to the right (where you lose a heart when you fall). Kill the blue guard there, then set the Pegasus boots on turbo. Hold the turbo down, and move onto the black area (therefore doing the Levitate over pits glitch). You will only fall if you let go of the button or touch a wall. Follow the black up or right, and you can go anywhere in the game! You will notice that you can't interact with stuff, can't die (unless you fall), and can't see yourself, unless you find other holes in the ground or very low level places. You can then beat the game with 3 hearts. If you find a very low level place, you could get stuck, so beware. Also, you can get stuck if you're in the Dark World for too long (though you will not change into a rabbit).

Submitted by: DeathKnight