Finish The Game With 16 Stars

Perhaps the most known glitch ever, this glitch lets you finish the game with only 16 stars! (you can finish with 0 stars but not in real time) heres how to do it

  1. Perform the MIPS Glitch (below),
  2. Go through the door with a keyhole upstairs,
  3. Go to the top of the spiral staircase and enter the door
  4. Walk onto the next staircase
  5. Turn facing down the staircase
  6. Long jump down the staircase (hold down Z until step 9)
  7. Move the control stick up the staircase
  8. Press A as rapidly as you can
  9. With luck, he should be propelled through the star door
  10. Go into the endless staircase door
  11. (Repeat steps 4-8)
  12. Jump in the hole, and fight bowser!

The MIPS Glitch

MIPS the rabbit can help you go into places you're not supposed to be, but the most famous

  1. Collect 15 stars so he can appear in the basement
  2. Catch him
  3. Bring him over to the door leading to the room with the 30 star door
  4. Drop him in the door's hinges (I find it helps when Mario is perpendicular to the door's hinges.)
  5. If all goes well Mario should be halfway through the door
  6. Turn around by crouching to face him
  7. Try to pick him up (if you're forced through the door, go back through, pick him up, and do steps 3-7 again)
  8. Turn around the normal way
  9. Drop the rabbit through the door
  10. Walk to the side opposite of MIPS
  11. Mario should perform the opening door sequence
  12. Once Mario and MIPS are on the same side, pick him up
  13. Bring MIPS to the 30 star door
  14. Drop him almost inside the 30 star door
  15. Long jump away from him and the 30 star door
  16. Tilt the control stick towards him
  17. He should push Mario through the door (if not, pick him up, put him closer to the door, and do steps 15-16 again)
  18. Walk into the blue water and collect the star on Bowser's submarine
  19. After that jump into the hole to fight the 2nd bowser and get the upstairs key!
  • ==Mario Sliding On Toads Afro==
  1. Go in the castle, and talk to the first toad.
  2. After you talked with him, jump on his back side.
  3. Punch him 3 times and Do a backflip.
  4. Mario will be forever sliding on Toad's Afro!
  5. If you want to end this glitch,Move anywhere. 
    SM64 Mario Sliding On Toad's Afro

    SM64 Mario Sliding On Toad's Afro.